A new camera

I have an incredibly generous older brother who has supported me and gifted me so many times over the years […]

Mental health and other things

It’s about time that I posted again. Life has been very hectic (when is it ever not?) and the thought

Trying out iOS 16 beta

The Apple hype machine is a key aspect of their success, and I am increasingly reluctant to add to it.

More lenses than photos

At this stage, I think I possess more camera lenses than decent photos taken with my used Nikon DSLR. Win,

Aches and pains

Aches and pains have featured prominently in life these past few days. I’m not sure why, but migraines are occurring

Weird dreams and such

It’s another early morning for me after having weird dreams. Also, my wife struggles with coughing lately and this woke

Birds at the feeder

In our second floor living room, my chair sits next to a large window where I’ve hung a couple of

More to come

An older brother told me that as a birthday present, all of my siblings and my mother had contributed to

Two for one

The new camera has just started to get used, and already I have more camera equipment than I bargained for.

The eagle has landed

The eagle has landed as of about 5p local time yesterday. No, it’s not a real eagle, and it’s also

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