Birds at the feeder

In our second floor living room, my chair sits next to a large window where I’ve hung a couple of bird feeders. Squirrels have tried many attacks on these feeders and after a few years of incessant warfare, they have apparently decided to give up. Woo hoo!

It is a nice view over the rooftop of the neighbor’s house into mature oak and pine trees. I enjoy observing the various birds that show up depending on the type and variety of feed that we put in the feeders. Lately the birds have gone crazy over safflower seed, especially house finches. They are a bit like sparrows in general size and appearance, but more colorful.

As I begin to get used to the new camera and zoom lens (which came yesterday), I’m beginning to practice on these common little birds. I’ve already discovered that having clean windows helps. Duh.

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