More lenses than photos

At this stage, I think I possess more camera lenses than decent photos taken with my used Nikon DSLR. Win, win? I don’t know. Yesterday, I drove into the Sheffield Neighborhood of Lincoln Park in Chicago to pick up an old Nikon DSLR for $30. The primary purpose for buying it was to get the lens that it came with. It is a Nikkor 28 mm AF-D 2.8, which sells used on eBay for five times that price, and higher.

This joins the four (!) other lenses I now own. One lens, a 70-300 mm AF-S, was a gift, while the others were purchased for very little money via eBay or Craigslist. I might just have a collecting bug, which is a dangerous thing. I’ve never owned this many camera lenses in my life. Come to think of it, I also now own at least five different camera bodies as well. What is this world coming to?!

I suppose there are worse proclivities to have.

The weather where I live is moderating a bit and I hope to get out and about today to take more photos.

Incidentally, when I parked on a side street to walk to where I was to pick up and pay for the older camera, I happened to notice a French patisserie on the corner that specializes in macarons. I was drawn inside, lost my head a little, and came out with a box of twelve to take home to enjoy with my wife and kids.

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