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After a long absence and two previous blogs that I deliberately deleted out of existence (you won’t even find them on the Wayback Machine), here I go again. The About page explains my choice of blog name, so I won’t regurgitate that whole story here.

Writing is important, necessary, and sometimes, therapeutic. Doing it well is difficult and takes practice. For all of these reasons and more, it seems a good thing now to get some practice in via this latest blog. If I attract a readership, great, but that is not the only goal.

I think about a wide variety of topics, so don’t expect a consistent focus. But something I really hope to do here over time is to begin to flesh out stories of my family, of my growing up years. At this life stage, I frequently look back on my family history and realize there are many interesting stories to tell, and I want to somehow document them. Maybe someday my own children will read them and pass things along to their children. My childhood was very different from theirs, after all.

Other topics to come include questions about and experiences with faith and theology, exploring the natural world via photography, and reflections on librarianship and my extensive experience with teaching those who want to become librarians. The tone used will range from possibly profound to simply silly.

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