Weird dreams and such

It’s another early morning for me after having weird dreams. Also, my wife struggles with coughing lately and this woke me up. We don’t think it’s virus related or at least, we hope not.

Yesterday afternoon was more exciting than planned due to a severe weather event called a derecho. We spent some time sheltering in the lower level of our house while sirens wailed, lights flickered and went out a few times, and winds blew around our house. Fortunately, we did not suffer any damage. Other areas where we live were not as fortunate, with several roads closed due to fallen trees and debris.

In the evening, I found out that I had won an auction for an old lens I’ve hoped to get for a while. That was exciting in its own way. The lens was made in the late 60s in Japan and is supposed to produce a beautiful bokeh. I may have overpaid for it although the max price I set is similar to what others sold for previously. I’ve decided this newfound obsession with hunting for (relatively) cheap lenses is dangerous. I need to stay away from Craigslist and eBay.

Below is a photo of more house finches at the feeder, this time, showing the brilliant coloring of the typical male. Quite beautiful. I need to work on focus and depth of field, though.

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