The dog particle

The title of this post is a subtle attempt at humor, referencing a popular non-fiction book from the 1990s. I suppose if I have to explain the joke, then it isn’t really that funny. Oh well.

It has been a while since I mentioned one of our dogs, my favorite. She is going to be two years old in a few months — hard to believe. She is a shy, gentle, and affectionate creature with a sweet temperament. Due to lack of hearing (she was born almost entirely deaf), she heavily relies on her other senses, especially sight and smell, and can easily get frightened by sudden movement or touch.

She is a mini Australian Shepherd, about medium-sized. She is also the peacemaker who gets along well with the other two dogs, who actively dislike each other.

Dogs like her add much more than a particle of joy and companionship to life.

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