Two for one

The new camera has just started to get used, and already I have more camera equipment than I bargained for. That’s because of making an offer on an old 28-80 zoom lens on Craigslist. The seller didn’t specify a price, I offered $25, and that was accepted. Good enough, I thought, although I wasn’t sure if I had over- or underpaid.

My wife and I went to the agreed upon meeting place, I handed the seller my $25, and he handed me an entire camera bag that included the lens as well as a really nice Nikon 35mm SLR body and a Nikon Speedlight flash, plus several filters. This was a lot more than I expected. I cleaned up the lens and used it to take a few photos yesterday. I don’t think it’s the world’s best lens but it works very well as far as I can see, and is of very solid construction, made in Japan.

Funny how things go. I certainly don’t regret that $25 offer now! I got two for the price of one, or really, more than that. Below is a photo of my new used DSLR on the left with the advertised zoom lens attached, and the Nikon FG camera body on the right. I’m a happy camper.

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