Day 1 at the cabin

It is good to be in a place that is far away from others and peaceful. Our car trip went […]

The road

Books that I have read again and again, other than the Bible, are few and far between. Among them, though,

I can’t breathe

“I can’t breathe.” This simple statement resonates around the world today, especially for people of color. It’s something that multiple

Difficult and dark

Things continue to be difficult and dark. The book of Psalms is a source of comfort and strength as it

Free range childhood

Each day, one of our kids goes for a run, walk, or bike ride in the early morning as a

A bit of gardening

Yesterday, I finally got around to doing a bit of gardening. Specifically, I cleaned out the flower boxes on our

A walk to remember

One of our children is going through intensely difficult anxiety and depression. Each day seems like a battle to keep


#BlackLivesMatter That’s all, but it’s everything.

The problem

Since the day the person currently occupying the White House was elected, the following thought has kept coming to me,

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