I have often said, and heard others say, “I’m coping.” Usually, that implies something positive. It’s like saying, “I’m ok, I’ll be alright.” I’m learning, however, that coping isn’t really a good thing, or at least, it is not ultimately positive.

You see, I’m learning that there are things I’ve been coping with my whole life. Coping, but not resolving. There is a difference. Coping is meant to be temporary, yet it can last a lifetime. Coping implies that you are not where or what you want to be, that you are incomplete or unfulfilled.

The opposite of coping might be resolving. By that I mean, resolving it (whatever “it” is) or pushing through something until you have reached what or where you want to be. To reach a place of peace and rest and acceptance.

It’s a difficult process, working to resolve issues or situations or people with whom you’ve been coping, perhaps very effectively, for years and years. It’s exhausting. Sometimes, it is quite discouraging as well. However, I keep reminding myself that coping is not enough, and I’m increasingly finding that I can’t just cope any more.

My body, mind, and spirit somehow won’t let me just cope, or just be satisfied with coping. I’m at the life stage where apparently I’m ready to reach a resolution and then move on.

Lord, show me the right path to resolution, to achieve it gracefully and with acceptance, and help me to continue holding Your hand.

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