No, not the American holiday. I refer to just the word: thanksgiving. It means, at least according to one definition, “an expression of gratitude, especially to God.”

Today, and for days to come, I am focused on giving thanks. Things in my life continue to be challenging and upsetting, but lately, there have been some distinct answers to prayer as well as positive things that are happening.

Not to be coy or mysterious, but I won’t go into specifics at this point. Maybe I’ll talk about them in some future post; I’m not sure. For now, I am writing this post from a position of thanksgiving that is a bit rare for me. I am still digesting a few recent developments, still coming to grips with their implications.

But one thing is certain: today, I am thankful. Naturally speaking, I tend to be a “glass is half empty” kind of person, and I have found little to be positive about for a very long time. But it is good to focus on and celebrate answers to prayer. Yes, it does happen!

I am reminded of the following modern hymn, sung in part by the incomparable CeCe Winans.

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