Gritted teeth

Today has been a day of gritted teeth. The optimism and positivity I’ve espoused before have been hard to muster. Sometimes I think we literally have to cling to them desperately, like holding on by our fingertips as we dangle over a huge precipice.

Yesterday, I finished a very large project that affects everyone in my organization and in truth, touches everybody’s workflow. I led the project but it was very much a team effort, and so many others deserve recognition and praise. But they don’t receive that. It is a success, a big improvement. Even so, response has been decidedly meh, especially from most other people in my organization.

But there are a few positive things I can focus on, such as a faculty colleague (the only one so far) who wrote me to say, basically, “I can tell this took a huge amount of work, and I know there will be complaints, but I love it!”

A real shot in the arm, something we all need sometimes.

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