Another day and life goes on

Sometimes, you just have to accept another day when it comes, and also accept that life goes on. Sometimes, you focus solely on putting one step in front of another, and be satisfied with that.

I’ve been watching a lot of videos about people who survive in challenging wilderness situations, or other situations where they are tackling a really big project such as a large property renovation. I’m not sure why the attraction for me to these types of videos, but at the moment they seem both inspiring and comforting, somehow. And, the most valuable videos, to me, are just downright interesting, and not at all showy, or reality TV with huge air quotes. So-called “reality TV” is anything but.

In addition, portions of the Bible keep randomly coming to mind, reminding me of the promises of God, that nothing is impossible where He is concerned.

Yesterday late afternoon, I went on a bike ride with our youngest in the closest forest preserve to where we live. Some time ago, my brother gave me his (very nice) trail bike because he no longer used it, and I simply had not ridden it that much yet. Physical exercise of any kind is abnormal for me, unfortunately, and it showed. I loved it and am eager to go on another ride. However, I only went about 3-4 miles and nearly passed out. I found it hard to walk or breathe, and was dizzy for a while. There’s a long road ahead to improve in the health department.

Two skills at which I am Olympic champion caliber are sarcasm, and napping. But I really have to work on this physical exercise thing and it won’t come back easily. Here’s to more of it, though.

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