The Beatles to Beyoncé

I have no use whatsoever for the Beatles. Never have. I know I am in the minority here, but seriously, I have never understood their popularity. They have a few good songs, but that’s about it. What little I know of them individually and as a group just … annoys. What also annoys is the sort of hagiography with which they are routinely treated. They didn’t change the world, or at least, my world.

Another music persona who gets treated with awe and wonder by most people is Beyoncé. Here, I can understand some measure of adulation as she is clearly very hard working and talented. My favorite song she’s sung is “The Way We Were” in honor of someone else I really don’t care for: Barbara Streisand, who famously sang the song originally. This was for a Kennedy Center honors show. Beyoncé adapted her vocal style admirably. But this is the only song I enjoy. Everything else she sings is not my thing at all. I get the popularity and adulation, and I’m sure as a person, she is a decent human being. But her music and style are just not my thing.

There are many other music/stars whom the majority of the universe seems to think are superb and wonderful. Most of them, I just don’t get. I am glad other people enjoy them, and I can acknowledge such and such a song or performance is good, but I don’t seem to connect at all to the music.

My wife says I’m a very picky person — I guess she’s right. The main message, however, is to take all of this fame/fortune/reputation/adulation of music/stars with a healthy dose of skepticism. Just because the rest of the world seems to fall at their feet, doesn’t mean I have to.

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