Strange(r) things

Strange(r) things have been happening lately. For example, did you know that such a thing as Green Bean Casserole Pizza exists? And that it is actually tasty? And that it comes from Aldi? Weird, but true.

Another example: a coworker asked me how I know for sure what I believe (referring to my faith). This is strange for me because I work in a faith-based environment and it is a question that I don’t often get asked. I found it deeply interesting even as I came away from our discussion wishing that I had a better, more well rounded explanation.

Then there is the seemingly ever-present organizational weirdness (remember the name of this blog? The OW (organizational weirdness) Factor) in my workplace. It flares up quite a lot and frankly I don’t have the energy to deal with that crap so much any more. It is exhausting, and I’m reminded of a post someone shared recently on social media that said something along the lines of: “It’s not the work itself that is problematic, it’s the culture.” Amen to that. One of the biggest causes of organizational weirdness, I think, is people’s insecurities.

Finally, there continues to be such widespread misinformation and disinformation about COVID vaccinations. I can’t even begin to wrap my already sore brain around the outrageous conspiracy theories that abound, let alone the thinking of public officials who threaten to sue anyone who adheres to federal vaccination requirements. I mean, wow, we really, really live in a cray cray world.

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