Miscellaneous thoughts and mimeographs

Another day, another early morning spent reading the news (depressing, as usual) while sipping a cup of coffee. I’m getting used to being somewhat scatterbrained most days and this post reflects that reality with some miscellaneous thoughts.

I learned last night that the wife of one of my cousins, whom I’ve never met, died in February. How sad that she died so young (she was only a few years older than me) and to learn about this via social media, of all things. I’m not on social media at all but my wife is, and she’s the one who learned about it. Families are such weird, complex things.

The other day, an old memory came to mind of a staple feature of my childhood education: the mimeograph. Look it up on Wikipedia if you don’t know what it is. The smell of the ink used to produce copies of lessons and handouts is what I especially recall, as it was very distinctive. It wasn’t until the late ‘70s or perhaps the early ‘80s that mimeographs began to be replaced by photocopier machines in the small, rural school I attended. Funny how certain things stick in one’s memory.

Last night, we had a special meal that featured fresh Atlantic salmon grilled to perfection, along with fresh asparagus, also grilled, and buttery Yukon Gold potatoes. Then we had Mochi ball ice cream for dessert, something completely new for me. My favorite flavor is sweet mango. Later on, we followed that with slices of 7Up cake. We overindulged, sure, but it doesn’t happen too often. I especially enjoyed the fact that we all ate together ‘round the kitchen table, a rarity nowadays. Below is a photograph of the food to make you jealous.

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