A bit of gardening

Yesterday, I finally got around to doing a bit of gardening. Specifically, I cleaned out the flower boxes on our front deck railing and planted some nice annuals we had bought at a local nursery last week.

The weather has been pretty hot and unfortunately the flowers, left in their original nursery pots, suffered as a result. I’m not sure all of them will survive, but we’ll see.

There is something satisfying about digging around in dirt, planting things. In addition to petunias and lobelia, I also planted a nice lavender plant we bought at Costco a few weeks ago, and cleaned the front deck of lots of debris: pine needles, leaves, and spider webs.

I’ve always been interested in gardening, but my enthusiasm has waxed and waned over the years. Lately, my energy level has been so low that it is an effort to do much of anything at all. So it felt good to accomplish this little bit. To be done well, gardening requires a lot of labor and a lot of money, two things that aren’t often in plentiful supply.

Garden centers and bookstores are two of the most dangerous places for me to visit.

These are some of the flowers blooming in our ramshackle yard at the moment.

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