Dealing with profound disappointment

Sooner or later, you will almost certainly encounter a time when you are profoundly disappointed in your career. Suggestions for handling those periods is the focus of this post. Causes for disappointment are quite varied and the following might not apply to every situation. I have not “solved” this common problem and that is notContinue reading “Dealing with profound disappointment”

The art and drudgery of writing

Writing has been a struggle for me lately, and the flow of blog posts has dried up. It is not an issue of great concern for me, however; inspiration and drive to do something creative tend to be cyclical. Also, there is an art to writing, and sometimes a drudgery to it, as well. IContinue reading “The art and drudgery of writing”

Anti-social media

Few phrases irritate me more than “social media.” Well, let’s be honest: few things, period, irritate me more than social media. I spent years swallowing that grape-flavored Koolaid before finally bailing out of it two years ago. The freedom of no longer bearing the weight of that burden was tremendous, and since then, I haveContinue reading “Anti-social media”

Artisanal, liminal, seminal

Sleep, lots of it, has been my modus operandi of late. I did mention that I am an Olympic champion at napping, and you don’t maintain that high level of achievement without lots of practice. In truth, however, I really have been tired and unfocused. It is hard to get anything substantial done, to musterContinue reading “Artisanal, liminal, seminal”

Show me a great writer

A random thought occurred to me this morning as I read an article mourning the recent death of the great British actor, Ian Holm: show me a great writer, and I’ll show you someone who was a great reader, first. What I mean by this thought is that great writers carefully study and assimilate theContinue reading “Show me a great writer”