Artisanal, liminal, seminal

Sleep, lots of it, has been my modus operandi of late. I did mention that I am an Olympic champion at napping, and you don’t maintain that high level of achievement without lots of practice. In truth, however, I really have been tired and unfocused. It is hard to get anything substantial done, to musterContinue reading “Artisanal, liminal, seminal”

Words whose sound and meaning are connected

I’ve been thinking about words we sometimes use that seem to convey their meaning by the way they sound when spoken. Words like: Blotchy Gruel Spastic Sibilant Amok Moist Grunt Twinkle These are not quite the same as onomatopoeia. I’m sure there is a formal term for them but I can’t think of it rightContinue reading “Words whose sound and meaning are connected”