Black and white photos hung on a brick wall

End-of-semester rush

The end of the semester, and therefore the academic year, is rapidly approaching. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork, […]

A beautiful orange and yellow daffodil


Here’s a reminder that whenever possible, affirming someone is a great way to build them up and make the world

Garmin personal GPS navigation device

Life goes on

When you go through difficult circumstances, it can feel like your world is ending. Ironically, though, life goes on, as

The last rose of summer

Yesterday evening, I went for a walk and happened upon a rose bush still in bloom. It was a cheerful

Love to teach

I love to teach and was reminded of that after last night’s class session, the second week of the Fall

An update on Fall planning

The picture of what is ahead for Fall at my institution is gradually becoming less opaque. As noted before, I

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