Still waiting

Although I haven’t written a blog post in a long while, it seems like a lot has happened since the last one, and it also seems like nothing has happened. I am still waiting on word about a new job possibility, for example. At the same time, events in my three non-family life areas—teaching graduateContinue reading “Still waiting”

The bizarre thing

Well, I have neglected writing here for a long while. The bizarre thing is that somehow, my blog has thrived on such neglect, garnering more likes and followers than when I was consistently adding new posts! As we used to say a lot when I was young: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.Continue reading “The bizarre thing”

Rainy days are better days

“Rainy days are better days for hanging out inside.” That’s a line from a John Denver song (“Cool An’ Green An’ Shady”) that came to me this morning as I drank my coffee and looked out on a somewhat dark, dreary, and definitely rainy day. The gutters have yet to be cleaned from the winter.Continue reading “Rainy days are better days”