I have often said, and heard others say, “I’m coping.” Usually, that implies something positive. It’s like saying, “I’m ok, I’ll be alright.” I’m learning, however, that coping isn’t really a good thing, or at least, it is not ultimately positive. You see, I’m learning that there are things I’ve been coping with my wholeContinue reading “Coping”


No, not the American holiday. I refer to just the word: thanksgiving. It means, at least according to one definition, “an expression of gratitude, especially to God.” Today, and for days to come, I am focused on giving thanks. Things in my life continue to be challenging and upsetting, but lately, there have been someContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

I can’t breathe

“I can’t breathe.” This simple statement resonates around the world today, especially for people of color. It’s something that multiple people have said over and over again as they lay dying at the hands of police. It has rightfully become a rallying cry against injustice, oppression, and mistreatment. It resonates powerfully with me as well,Continue reading “I can’t breathe”