I have often said, and heard others say, “I’m coping.” Usually, that implies something positive. It’s like saying, “I’m ok, I’ll be alright.” I’m learning, however, that coping isn’t really a good thing, or at least, it is not ultimately positive. You see, I’m learning that there are things I’ve been coping with my wholeContinue reading “Coping”

Sufficient unto the day

“Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” (Matthew 6:34 KJV). This partial verse has been popping into my head lately. It’s something that either my grandma or my mother used to say, and it has stuck with me. I prefer the more modern translation of the complete verse from the New Living Translation: “SoContinue reading “Sufficient unto the day”

A walk to remember

One of our children is going through intensely difficult anxiety and depression. Each day seems like a battle to keep suicidal thoughts at bay. A few days ago, we went on a walk together near our house, accompanied by one of our dogs. It was in the evening when the temperature was lower, and thereContinue reading “A walk to remember”

Numbness and inertia

Two words that come close to describing my state of being lately are numbness and inertia. It is like I am infected with some sort of drug that makes it hard for me to feel, and hard for me to do. Intellectually I see these things and am aware that there is a problem, butContinue reading “Numbness and inertia”

Yeah, I’m worn

I have often thought about the lyrics of the following song, performed by Tenth Avenue North, because they express how I so frequently feel. That is true today as well. Yeah, I’m worn, and my heart is heavy — heavy for so many people. Heavy for ongoing injustices especially against people of color; heavy forContinue reading “Yeah, I’m worn”

So, what’s next?

After a low key debut a day ago for this latest blog effort, what’s next? Many different thoughts are jumbled together in my head at the moment, and because of COVID-19, each day seems to blend into the next one without a whole lot of variation. I’m thinking, for example, of how my living roomContinue reading “So, what’s next?”