A Mother’s Day picnic

We had beautiful weather yesterday for Mother’s Day, bright sunshine and cool temps. We decided to have a picnic at […]

The last rose of summer

Yesterday evening, I went for a walk and happened upon a rose bush still in bloom. It was a cheerful

Time flies

About this time of year, five years ago, a dream of mine came true. I was able to go on

More to come

An older brother told me that as a birthday present, all of my siblings and my mother had contributed to

Tick talk

These days, I don’t spend enough time outdoors but when I do, I always enjoy it. There is a lot

A bit of gardening

Yesterday, I finally got around to doing a bit of gardening. Specifically, I cleaned out the flower boxes on our

A walk to remember

One of our children is going through intensely difficult anxiety and depression. Each day seems like a battle to keep

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