Sufficient unto the day

“Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” (Matthew 6:34 KJV). This partial verse has been popping into my head lately. It’s something that either my grandma or my mother used to say, and it has stuck with me. I prefer the more modern translation of the complete verse from the New Living Translation: “SoContinue reading “Sufficient unto the day”

Fire at night

Yesterday, many more fish were caught, and some were eaten while others were released. I managed to walk along the lakeshore a bit and enjoyed identifying various plants and animals. For example, I saw another garter snake (maybe one of the same ones we already saw), as well as identified several plants, among them: TurkeyContinue reading “Fire at night”

A walk to remember

One of our children is going through intensely difficult anxiety and depression. Each day seems like a battle to keep suicidal thoughts at bay. A few days ago, we went on a walk together near our house, accompanied by one of our dogs. It was in the evening when the temperature was lower, and thereContinue reading “A walk to remember”

More snapshots in the brain, part 2

For an 18 month period when I was 3-4 years old, my family went through some difficult times. These were set within a larger, traumatic backdrop that I won’t take time to explain here. Some of my snapshots are mere glimpses of the mundane, while others are more dramatic and memorable. At this point, myContinue reading “More snapshots in the brain, part 2”

More snapshots in the brain, part 1

When I was three, my family moved from a small farm town in the middle of nowhere to a large city several hundred miles away where my mother was born and raised. For a time, we lived in my maternal grandparents’ basement until my parents bought a house a few blocks down the street. HereContinue reading “More snapshots in the brain, part 1”