Still waiting

Although I haven’t written a blog post in a long while, it seems like a lot has happened since the last one, and it also seems like nothing has happened. I am still waiting on word about a new job possibility, for example. At the same time, events in my three non-family life areas—teaching graduateContinue reading “Still waiting”

The bizarre thing

Well, I have neglected writing here for a long while. The bizarre thing is that somehow, my blog has thrived on such neglect, garnering more likes and followers than when I was consistently adding new posts! As we used to say a lot when I was young: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.Continue reading “The bizarre thing”


Uncertainty is a staple of life, but it seems especially prominent nowadays. My ability to handle it is wearing thin, I must admit. The constant waiting for an answer, the frequent sense of what ifs and unknowns, build up to an almost intolerable crescendo at times. One example is the question of when we willContinue reading “Uncertainty”

A year ago

Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit about where things were in my family a year ago. It was a desperately difficult time, filled with daily grief and anguish over the hospitalization of one of our children who was in a very bad state. My wife and I were driving each day to andContinue reading “A year ago”

Discouragement, thy name is 2020

Obviously, it has been a very difficult year for just about everyone. That is an understatement if there ever was one. For myself, part of today’s discouragement is the knowledge that I have not heard back from the search committee for the position for which I applied some time ago. I know they met toContinue reading “Discouragement, thy name is 2020”

Pine warblers, migraines, and job cuts

Friday was noteworthy because we spotted a pair of pine warblers at our feeders. As far as I know, I have never seen this type of bird before as they are not common at all around here. The pair at our feeders was likely migratory, and they didn’t stay long enough for me to getContinue reading “Pine warblers, migraines, and job cuts”

A sad anniversary and other things

Two years ago this week, we had our beloved Golden Retriever, Champ, put to sleep. This was after it was clear that he could no longer walk and was in considerable pain. Our three younger kids were together with me as he breathed his last breath, but it still felt shocking, chaotic, and sudden. HeContinue reading “A sad anniversary and other things”

The last rose of summer

Yesterday evening, I went for a walk and happened upon a rose bush still in bloom. It was a cheerful sight in the midst of the usual autumnal flower colors of yellows, golds, and whites. Another flower color that I enjoy seeing in the Fall is the rich, deep purple of wild asters. On myContinue reading “The last rose of summer”