Champ, our beautiful golden retriever

Reigning cats and dogs

My family has always been fond of pets. We have had a dog around since the kids were all little. […]

But there are bright spots

Life is hard, but there are bright spots. For example, yesterday when looking out my living room window, I noticed

Weird dreams and such

It’s another early morning for me after having weird dreams. Also, my wife struggles with coughing lately and this woke

Birds at the feeder

In our second floor living room, my chair sits next to a large window where I’ve hung a couple of

Snake in the grass

On a recent dog walk, one of our kids spotted a snake in the grass (photo below). Actually it was

Day 1 at the cabin

It is good to be in a place that is far away from others and peaceful. Our car trip went


I have been spending a lot of time lately lying in bed due to ill health. Fortunately the weather right

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