Show me a great writer

A random thought occurred to me this morning as I read an article mourning the recent death of the great […]

In transit

Today we finish our vacation and make the trip back home. It’s an in transit sort of day, which is

Fire at night

Yesterday, many more fish were caught, and some were eaten while others were released. I managed to walk along the

I can’t breathe

“I can’t breathe.” This simple statement resonates around the world today, especially for people of color. It’s something that multiple

The problem

Since the day the person currently occupying the White House was elected, the following thought has kept coming to me,

Jesus wept

Jesus wept (John 11:35 KJV). Known as the shortest one in the Bible, this verse has stuck with me all

Numbness and inertia

Two words that come close to describing my state of being lately are numbness and inertia. It is like I

Yeah, I’m worn

I have often thought about the lyrics of the following song, performed by Tenth Avenue North, because they express how

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