Disunited states

This long, horrible, no good election season is not over yet. Almost, but not yet. I am mildly optimistic that […]

The deed is done

Last night, my wife and I drove to a nearby ballot box to deposit our mail-in ballots for the upcoming

The power of observation

A powerful yet simple truth is that we learn quite a lot from observation. I’ve been thinking about that this

Hope flickers

Change, including positive change, is rarely easy and quick. Yesterday, I happened to look back on all of the previous


Equilibrium — a word that sounds vaguely, and indeed is rooted in, Latin. Kind of like Londinium (Roman name for


Walking — simply, walking — may be the key means by which I get better, physically. I’ve begun to walk

Fruit (of the Spirit)

Yesterday I enjoyed eating part of a fresh papaya, something I haven’t had in a long time. I had forgotten


It is hard to keep going when hope is lost. And when hope is lost, it is surprisingly hard to

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