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Mental health and other things

It’s about time that I posted again. Life has been very hectic (when is it ever not?) and the thought […]

An old antiphonary from about 1270

What I didn’t know

Yesterday, I had lunch with a PhD student who had just successfully defended their dissertation proposal the day before. As

Abbey Church of St. Mary

Sundays are in danger

Sundays are in danger of wholeheartedly turning into the I-am-dreading-Monday day of the week. I wake up and immediately start

Sign in cabin that calls it "The Looney Bin" with image of a loon

Organizational weirdness, again

It is really painful when the OW Factor ratchets up to a ten. Remember: the OW Factor, a completely made-up

Watermelon and cucumber salad

My mother and food

Since I was five years old, my mother worked full-time in order to help make ends meet for our large

An old 16 mm projector

Old movies and theology

Sometimes I like to go back to an old movie and watch it over again. In my family growing up,

Willow in the window

Six months later

It has been too long since my last post, almost six months ago. Simply put, I haven’t felt inspired to

Five laws of library data

I propose a Ranganathan-esque set of laws for library data. I do this without any grand conceit or purpose, and

Dealing with profound disappointment

Sooner or later, you will almost certainly encounter a time when you are profoundly disappointed in your career. Suggestions for

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