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Recently, I became tired of the inherent limitations of using wordpress.com and decided to migrate this site to a new host. It was not easy to do, but I think I managed it (with a lot of tech support help) such that all of the blog post permalinks remain unchanged so there should not be any broken links as a result of this move. The custom domain (theowfactor.org) is now pointing to the new, self-hosted site.

Featured images, however, did not automatically carry over, so I will need to spend some time adding each one back into the appropriate blog post. I don’t think that’s urgent, though.

A new (and by the way, significantly cheaper) website host gives me a lot more flexibility. For the first time, I can easily install plugins and make extensive customizations to the look and feel of this site if I am so inclined. Another limitation with my previous setup was the amount of space I had to work with. That inherently limited my ability to upload and post photos and/or videos, for example.

In the new site, I plan to begin to publish many more photo galleries as a major feature, something I couldn’t do before. I’m looking forward to being able to showcase my photos, or at least the ones I think are decent enough to share.

All of the previous setup’s inherent features are turned on and available including auto-posting to Mastodon, which is a must have feature for me. The new site uses a completely different WordPress theme, though, and I’m still getting used to how I want it to look.

Any feedback is welcome, if you are so inclined. The old site will soon be deleted but as previously noted, all permalinks should remain unchanged.

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