Random thoughts on an Easter Sunday

A bowl of Easter candy

It is Easter Sunday and…after all these years, I still don’t view it the same as everyone else, apparently. Basically, I do not view it as big a deal as everyone else in the whole of Christianity. The reasons for that are complicated and have to do with the sect in which I was raised.

The house is very quiet because my wife and I are by ourselves after our one remaining child left last night to spend a week with friends. I try not to feel sad about it but can’t seem to help it. I am thankful they are with friends and wish them a great time, but the house feels quite empty with them not here and on top of the traumatic/abrupt departure from home of one of our other children a few months ago.

Last night, we treated ourselves to a dinner at a new-to-us Asian restaurant, and we both enjoyed it quite a bit. Eating out, like many other things, is quite expensive and seems to just get more so. Often it feels like you do not get a meal that justifies the expense, but that wasn’t the case this time. I’m sure we’ll go back again some day. After that, we splurged on buying a cookie for each of us from a well known chain that makes extra large ones with different flavors each week. Again, really expensive, and not at all healthy for us, but it was a nice treat.

Lately, I make plans and have ideas for Saturdays or weekends in general to get out and about and do things, to be more active, but the train of my motivation somehow never leaves the station. But I did accomplish several things at home including cleaning multiple loads of dishes as well as cleaning out the gross and stinky litter boxes we have scattered throughout our house. Five litter boxes for five cats can become a real chore in terms of upkeep. And I set our robot vacuum to clean the first floor area, which it does only tolerably well, but it’s better than nothing. It’s a daily battle to keep up with pet hair.

Later today, we will get together with extended family. The main highlight for me will be to get to see and spend time with my now grown-up and moved-away kids, most of whom will be there and whom we haven’t seen in a long time.

Wishing you a peaceful and celebratory Easter.

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