March 2024

A bowl of Easter candy

Random thoughts on an Easter Sunday

It is Easter Sunday and…after all these years, I still don’t view it the same as everyone else, apparently. Basically, […]

Row of books

Learning to do systematic reviews

Within the past few years, two different faculty colleagues from one of the subject disciplines I support asked me to

Champ, our beautiful golden retriever

Reigning cats and dogs

My family has always been fond of pets. We have had a dog around since the kids were all little.

Garmin personal GPS navigation device

Life goes on

When you go through difficult circumstances, it can feel like your world is ending. Ironically, though, life goes on, as

Southern Alps, New Zealand

The Tao of Steve

Some time ago, as a kind of joke, I started posting simple sayings on LinkedIn and called them “Daily Wisdom

Kids geocaching

Dark times

As seems to often happen, I’ve neglected this blog for a while. This is due to going through some dark

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