Hear today, gone tomorrow

My hearing has gotten noticeably worse over the past few years, so much so that I began to wonder if […]

Sample Headlines from Apple News


Too much of something can be as bad or dangerous as too little. An example of this is news. Over

A Juneberry in bloom


Something that has become increasingly clear over the recent past is that it is wise to realize one’s own limits.

Black and white photos hung on a brick wall

End-of-semester rush

The end of the semester, and therefore the academic year, is rapidly approaching. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork,

A beautiful orange and yellow daffodil


Here’s a reminder that whenever possible, affirming someone is a great way to build them up and make the world

Two boys riding a horse with a girl holding the reins

Some family history

Each of us has a family history and that history is often more fascinating than we might expect. I suppose


Some fine-tuning

As I continue to work on this blog, that has involved pulling various levers and gears and pushing certain buttons

Fishermen on Lake Michigan

Spring is here

Where I live, we have had a few days of wonderful Spring weather: cool and bright. Yesterday we also had

Chinese for breakfast

This morning, I tried something new and had a leftover egg roll, cold, for breakfast. Wow. No wonder my wife

A new host for this blog

Recently, I became tired of the inherent limitations of using wordpress.com and decided to migrate this site to a new

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