The salvation of social media


Over the past several months, I have increasingly become aware of and involved in the so-called Fediverse. In fact, I have become convinced that this movement, which in important ways is the antithesis of what corporate-controlled social media has become, might be social media’s salvation. Instead of you and your information being the product; instead of there being a black box algorithm dictating what you are shown; instead of ads everywhere and all the time, you have an environment for authentic engagement with others.

Many people rightly point out that similar flaws exist in the Fediverse as exist in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. One example is the troubling matter of race and how welcome or not Fediverse sites are to people of color. Overall, though, they are a significant improvement and have potential for more improvement hopefully to come.

I am specifically delving more deeply into Mastodon (the anti-Twitter) and Pixelfed (the anti-Instagram), although there are several other possible apps yet to explore. If you’d like to connect with me on those sites, you are most welcome to do so and There are alternatives to WordPress and YouTube in the Fediverse that I hope to delve into eventually as well.

It is hard to overstate how refreshing it is to engage in these sites without as much concern over privacy and misuse of your data that you have in using corporate-controlled sites. I recommend you give it a try; it’s not hard and I think you will be surprised at the new connections you will make. The featured photo on this post of a building by being torn down across the street from where I work is a visual metaphor for what I hope the Fediverse does to for profit social media sites.

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