The Northwoods

Golden hour canoeing

Some people think the tropics, the beach, the sun — those are the best ingredients for a good vacation. Not me. Give me the Northwoods, give me cool temperatures requiring layers to keep warm. Give me a wood fire and plenty of mosquito and tick repellent. A little sarcasm there, but really, my ideal location for a vacation is somewhere where there is cool/cold weather and somewhere that is at higher elevation, with lots of woods and lakes and very few people.

We sort of achieved that ideal this past week. The weather was bad most of the time, preventing us from doing a whole lot outdoors due to extensive rain. We were bored and restless a lot of the time, but it was still good to get away.

One of the highlights was catching more fish (while freezing my butt off) than I’ve ever caught before, and we enjoyed eating the small number of fish we kept for supper that day. Another highlight was spotting a white (albino) deer in the wild, as well as seeing plentiful numbers of bald eagles, osprey, beaver, loons, and more.

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