I’ll admit it: I’ve neglected this blog lately. I’m not sure of all the reasons why although the most common one is that it has felt like one more thing to do. And I don’t need or want “one more thing to do.”

I read an interesting article recently about someone in higher education who discussed something similar to what I’ve been feeling. Essentially the author said that many people are at their limit of time and effort and that reasons for this vary. Undoubtedly the pandemic is part of it but also the increasing amount of work is too, when institutions cut back on their workforce. More work for fewer people.

This resonates with me as I have struggled with various health issues and more work responsibilities. I just don’t seem to be as capable of juggling everything as well as I used to. As a result, I have been taking a careful look at all of my time commitments and identifying those that really are not important to me. Whenever possible, then, I have tried to cut those less important things out of my life. It hasn’t been easy.

Increasingly I find myself asking, what truly makes me happy and fulfilled? If I’m doing something that doesn’t fill me up in this way then why am I doing it? I’m also asking myself each day questions like, what is one thing I really need or want to accomplish today? Then focus on that. Or, what is something fun and enjoyable I can find in my life today? And then revel in that fun or enjoy whatever it is that brings me joy. Each day is increasingly precious and only comes once.

As with most things in my life, this is a work in progress. Some days this new attitude works and some days it doesn’t. I am determined, though, to focus less on doing more things and more on enjoying and appreciating things in life, especially relationships.

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