It has been too long since my last post. My focus has been on so many other things and it has been difficult for me to think clearly about what I want to write as a blog post, and when. Mainly, I think God has been working in me through the past several weeks to come to a place of acceptance. By this I mean, acceptance of various circumstances that have not turned out the way I planned or wanted.

There is a fine line between acceptance and resignation. The latter word seems more negative and the former more positive, so I will stick with “acceptance.”

I have accepted that now is not the time for me to transition into a higher level job. That door seems to have shut for now. I have accepted that I have made as much progress through counseling than is possible, and I should probably wrap it up. There is acceptance, also, of multiple relational situations in my family. Acceptance does not exactly mean that everything is wonderful and happy clappy, but it does at least imply that I am more at peace with various issues than I have been in a long time.

As it turns out, there is a lot of change I am having to adjust to in spite of acceptance of various things. A new boss has resulted in a big shake-up of the entire library organization where I work, along with more responsibility for me. I also have a new (much nicer) office, as well. Some of the most negative and long term aspects of my work environment have drastically improved, almost overnight.

I am thankful for all of this, and it helps solidify my attitude of acceptance about life difficulties and decisions.

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