I struggle with rejection, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. But rejection is a basic part of life, and it happens hundreds, if not thousands, of times in a typical lifetime. How we handle it is therefore critical to our overall well-being and success (however success is defined).

My so far unsuccessful attempt at moving into a higher level library job is one example of handling rejection. I thought I had two great opportunities, ones that I had prayed over and over about and felt it was the right thing for me to pursue. And both, for different reasons, emphatically turned me down. This hit me a lot harder than I ever anticipated, and I have been in a downward spiral of hurt and self doubt ever since.

Although rejection in the workplace is what I’m primarily thinking of, rejection at home and in our personal lives is even more devastating. I have felt a lot of that, too.

A few days ago, I serendipitously came across a YouTube video, only about 15-20 minutes long, about some guy who had something to say about rejection. Entitled “Overcoming Rejection, When People Hurt You & Life Isn’t Fair” and presented at a TEDxWileyCollege meeting by Darryll Stinson in 2019, this video has dominated my thoughts. The message is simple: 1.) we should learn to embrace rejection because it frequently is the result of 2.) the projection of other people’s problems onto you rather than being a true reflection of your own value/worth/giftedness, and 3.) rejection is often protection against things that are not best for us to thrive.

This short video with its simple message really got me thinking. Are you struggling with rejection right now? Maybe Stinson’s message will help you, too.

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