Still waiting

Although I haven’t written a blog post in a long while, it seems like a lot has happened since the last one, and it also seems like nothing has happened. I am still waiting on word about a new job possibility, for example. At the same time, events in my three non-family life areas—teaching graduate courses, taking graduate courses, and my job—have been eventful. This juxtaposition of many things happening and seemingly nothing happening can be pretty tiresome.

On the family life front, things have been fairly peaceful, which is great. Although I got pretty sick again with the second COVID vaccine dose, it was short-lived, and I am thankful to now be vaccinated. Having to give a class presentation in my New Testament theology course while feeling sick as a dog was not fun, but it passed. I have enjoyed helping one of my teenagers learn how to drive, although that process can sometimes be stressful. And the weather has been nearly perfect of late: lots of bright sunshine and cool temps.

One of our kids pays special attention to/cares for our dogs, and often takes great photographs of them, like this one of my favorite, Cricket. Isn’t she beautiful?

I hope we’ll know more about our future direction in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I have a ton of grading to finish, a course I’m teaching to wrap up, and a final paper to write for the course I’m taking. Sometimes I wish that the busyiness of this time of year wasn’t so all-encompassing so that I could spend more time simply enjoying the weather, going birdwatching, being carefree. All too soon, the wonderful weather will devolve into hot temps, humidity, and lots of awful insects…

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