The bizarre thing

Well, I have neglected writing here for a long while. The bizarre thing is that somehow, my blog has thrived on such neglect, garnering more likes and followers than when I was consistently adding new posts! As we used to say a lot when I was young: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. So, I won’t. However, I do appreciate the many people who have visited and the now well over 100 followers who think what I write is interesting enough to justify that kind of attention.

A lot of things have been happening…or not, as the case may be. For one thing, it seems likely that I will be offered a new job, but I am still not 100% sure about whether it will in fact be offered, and I won’t know for sure for another two or three weeks. However, after many different Zoom interviews and then a two day, in-person visit, I came away feeling much more positive about the opportunity and whether I would enjoy doing the job. That’s progress. However, on the downside, not everyone in my family is thrilled with the idea of such a move, and also, there are significant mountains to be climbed in order to make a move possible. Bottom line: ongoing uncertainty.

Two of our children now have full-time jobs, which is great. However, this shakes up our normal routine quite a bit, for example because one of them works a night shift and because they do not yet have their driver’s license, we need to drop them off late and pick them up early each day. Another uncertainty is what might happen if I am offered a new job elsewhere and my wife and I decide we should take it. I keep telling myself (using my internal voice) to just take one thing at a time.

Teaching is going well but it is an enormous amount of work this semester. My other graduate program coursework also takes up time and energy, and most of the time, it seems like I barely make it through each week before the next one is upon me.

Something very positive happened lately, though, which is that my wife and I were finally able to get set up with vaccinations for COVID-19. We had our first shot last week, and then the second dose will come in about three more weeks. It is a big relief to be at this stage, and we look forward to when our kids will also be able to get vaccinated. I had a significantly negative reaction to the first dose and was sick for three days, but feel a lot better now.

On the topic of health, I am now in the second week of eliminating rice, breads, and potatoes from my diet. This is on top of eliminating sugar a few months ago. I cannot see or feel a significant difference yet but am sticking to this diet approach to see what will happen.

Last but not least, it is Spring time, and that means hope. May you have a blessed Easter!

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