Uncertainty is a staple of life, but it seems especially prominent nowadays. My ability to handle it is wearing thin, I must admit. The constant waiting for an answer, the frequent sense of what ifs and unknowns, build up to an almost intolerable crescendo at times.

One example is the question of when we will ever get vaccinated. The wait is frustratingly long, and there seems to be a different approach taken depending on where you happen to live. Then those who have had the vaccine want to know whether they need to continue to wear masks and socially distance themselves or if they can stop doing those things.

Another example is waiting to hear back on job applications. I have been through several rounds of Zoom interviews as a finalist for one particular job and still have no clue whether a.) I will be offered it, or b.) whether I really want the darn thing. If I am offered the job and we decide as a family that this is what we should do, then there is tremendous uncertainty about how we are going to a manage a big move and where we might find a new place to live that we can afford. How can we possibly sell our existing house, which is not in sellable condition? All of these unknowns are weighing so heavily on my family and I right now.

Ultimately I know and believe that all things are in God’s hands. And ultimately the reality is that life’s uncertainties will always be with us and going through them is an exercise in faith and trust. My faith muscles certainly need strengthening.

Lord, quiet my discombobulated and panicky heart and let me and my family rest in the assurance that you’ve got this, as you always have and always will. “Peace, be still” said Jesus to the winds and the waves, and they obeyed (Matthew 8:23-27).

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