All things new

Many new things are happening, including purchase of a new-to-us small SUV, a Ford Escape. It is a great car and I am really pleased with it in spite of the worry of having another car payment. Funny enough, as soon as this happened, the twenty year old and the two teenagers suddenly became much more motivated to get their drivers licenses. Which would be great and convenient but…yes, more money in insurance costs.

We have thoroughly enjoyed watching episodes of the new version of “All Things Great and Small” on PBS. After all, one of our kids is named after a prominent character in the story (and a somewhat disreputable one at that). Kudos to those who put it all together — this story and all of the James Herriot books are a huge part of my childhood reading canon, as beloved as the Lord of the Rings books or the Narnia series. If only I could write stories with just half as much warmth, wit, and charm as Alf Wight, I’d achieve a lifelong ambition.

Another new thing coming later today is that one of our kids’ friends is staying overnight. A big deal, breaking new ground for us.

And then there is still a possibility of a new job, although there is no certainty yet. I have had three rounds of interviews in the past few weeks and I think they have all gone well, but you can never really tell. The truth is that even if I am offered the job, I am still not sure whether I will take it, and there are many reasons to be cautious.

One more new thing that both startled and excited me this week is photographs of a never-seen-before emperor penguin that is mostly yellow and white. You can read about it and view pictures here. We tend to think we have seen it all and there is nothing in nature left to surprise, when something like this shows up. Amazing.

Here’s to all things new.

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