The January month

Most people don’t think much of the January month as it is usually when winter tightens its grip and there is the inevitable letdown after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Traditionally it has also been a lean time for us financially. I tend to like January, though.

January is the month when our first child was born. It is also the month when I can first detect the lengthening of daylight again. And I love snow, which tends to be plentiful this month and next. Right now, for example, I am looking out over the trees on a heavy overnight snowfall that makes it feel just like I imagine Narnia must have felt to those Pevensey children. The White Witch holds sway here, but Aslan is on the move.

Many different things have happened this month but today is special because my father went to Heaven on this day eighteen years ago. We miss him. Another special event we celebrate this month is our wedding anniversary.

Classes have begun. My difficult-to-teach class has begun well in spite of my fears, and so has the class I’m taking in my graduate program in theology. I’ve often thought I may need to quit, but a few days ago I decided to keep on. We’ll see how things turn out. Also, I had a good interview for a leadership role at another institution last week. I’d applied for this job about a year ago and they are only now getting towards the end of their search process. I don’t have any idea about what might happen next.

After many years without one, we recently purchased a used aquarium setup and bought a few mollies to put into it. And they promptly gave birth to several baby fish! This makes our kids happy. We also have a new entertainment/TV setup thanks to the generosity of one of my siblings. Because of the hard work of my wife and our youngest, the lower level of our house has been turned into a great space to watch movies together. There is also a dedicated space for exercise equipment and even a nice setting for our grand piano. These accomplishments have really lifted our spirits.

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