Wake up, I made breakfast

Today is Christmas Eve and it is a holiday from work, so I slept in a bit. But not too much, because one of our children was awake all night making various goodies and told us, “Wake up, I made breakfast!” Breakfast included scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and toasted English muffins. But no coffee, so I made some.

The kids are excited about what they’ll get for Christmas even though we won’t be spending it with anyone else and even though they are in their late teens (one just turned 20). I’m glad about that, because I am hoping they will be really surprised and happy with the gift that my wife and I bought for each of them. Our family tradition is to open presents on Christmas Eve, and then in years when we have the money to buy things to put in them, we open Christmas stockings on Christmas Day. This year, my wife and I bought several goodies for each child so we will have stockings to open tomorrow. But the main gift opening will be tonight.

Because this Christmas is so unusual in that we are staying home by ourselves, we hope to make it extra special for our children. This evening, we will have a sort of smorgasbord of finger foods, the centerpiece of which will be an extensive charcuterie with various meats and cheeses. We’ll have other goodies as well, including egg nog and various desserts. Later today, I’ll make fruit cake. Tomorrow, our main meal will be a rich menu of foods featuring a Christmas ham and crème brûlée for dessert.

Even the weather is cooperating with a bit of snow, although I doubt there’ll be any accumulation. Also on tap will be binge-watching various movies. Last night, for example, we watched Hacksaw Ridge, a great movie with a strong message, although it was rather gory in parts, depicting the violence and destruction of war.

I think I’ll need to redouble my efforts to walk every day just to make up for all of the eating.

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