Sorest loser

The undisputed champion of the reality TV show we are experiencing right now, appropriately named “Sorest Loser,” is the thankfully-soon-to-be ex-president of the U.S. I wish this was all just a sarcastic joke, but it isn’t. It is very real and very scary stuff. The true American Horror Story.

In the Not Much Better news category, we made recommendations relating to budget cuts for my library this week. This will affect positions as well as money for collections and other things. It is a pretty grim situation, and we won’t know for sure whether our recommendations will be accepted for several more weeks yet. Another thought I’ve had is that this might not be the only time we have to make significant cuts in the next two to three years if enrollment continues to be lower than expected.

My application for a senior level library position was completed and submitted by Monday, the due date. It consisted of a portfolio of documents including several essays on various topics. I hope to hear more about any possible next steps after a few weeks.

Last but not least, let me share a photo of a favorite (and unhealthy) snack that only becomes available this time of year. I despise white chocolate, don’t like this kind of pretzel, and am not fond of peppermint. But when you put them all together like this, it’s magic.

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