Pine warblers, migraines, and job cuts

Friday was noteworthy because we spotted a pair of pine warblers at our feeders. As far as I know, I have never seen this type of bird before as they are not common at all around here. The pair at our feeders was likely migratory, and they didn’t stay long enough for me to get a photo, unfortunately.

Migraines are more frequent than ever and frankly are getting very tiresome. A new prescription medicine that is supposed to help is having no effect so far. I’ll just have to keep trying various solutions.

Most of my mental energy has lately been focused on the reality that there will be some job cuts at my place of work. We have a mandate to achieve a 10% reduction across the board, not just in our collections funds, but on the operational side as well. Frankly, it is gut wrenching. Of course, many other institutions of higher education are much worse off, and that helps keep things in perspective while at the same time, providing little comfort.

It appears that I have been largely proven wrong about my institution’s handling of an in-person semester. We are almost to Thanksgiving now, and the Fall semester has pretty much played out as planned and hoped for. However, the pandemic is wreaking more havoc than ever in our region and we are approaching the real possibility of another lockdown.

My family and I plan to spend the Thanksgiving holiday by ourselves. Disappointing, but necessary.

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