Disunited states

This long, horrible, no good election season is not over yet. Almost, but not yet. I am mildly optimistic that the current regime will be turned out of office, after all. Once again, polls are stupid. Once again, many people underestimated the depth and extent of the problem that is the people who somehow keep supporting this horrible regime.

We live in a country that makes a mockery of its name. It should instead be called the DISunited States.

I won’t claim to have foreseen this election result. Truthfully, I hoped for a landslide in favor of the other side so that the current regime would be left in no doubt about its repudiation by the vast majority of voters. Clearly, that did not happen. But in my heart, I felt it would be a close contest and am not greatly surprised by what has happened.

One bright spot is how little effect social media has had this time around — because I don’t use it. Thank the Lord for small mercies!

I keep thinking about applicable scriptures. Ever since the last election result, one Bible story that keeps coming to my mind is how the children of Israel clamored for a strong leader, and they ended up with Saul. No, the other side is not like David, but there are many other parallels in terms of the children of Israel and how things are in today’s U.S.

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