A sad anniversary and other things

Two years ago this week, we had our beloved Golden Retriever, Champ, put to sleep. This was after it was clear that he could no longer walk and was in considerable pain. Our three younger kids were together with me as he breathed his last breath, but it still felt shocking, chaotic, and sudden. He was one of a kind, unique, and very special. We miss him.

Other things going on include the fact that this pandemic is getting closer to home than ever before as multiple family members have recently been diagnosed with it. Also, multiple people at my work are in quarantine due to exposure. In spite of living in this changed world for months now, the realities of the pandemic still have the power to surprise and overwhelm at times. It’s worth remembering, though, that the current surge in cases, and its timing, were predicted. Many people did not want to believe it or prepare for it.

Then of course, there is the U.S. presidential election. My vote has already been cast, while I continue to pray for a good, clear, and peaceful outcome. God is over all things.

I went ahead and applied for a new job, which is a big step to take. The process requires an initial letter of interest plus a C.V. If the search committee deems a candidate worthwhile to consider, they then will contact the applicant to request a complete application. The complete application involves writing no less than ten separate essays on various issues. To my surprise, I received a speedy request from the committee to fill out a complete application, which is encouraging. Now, I need to devote time to careful and prayerful study, reflection, and writing because these essays are a very important aspect of the process.

I have no expectations; I really don’t. However, I will just try to do my best and also hope for the best. I am, again, at peace about the whole thing, believing God will give me whatever is needed at the appropriate time. If it doesn’t work out, I will be disappointed, of course, but I’m ready for that eventuality. If nothing else, this arduous application process will provide more clarity about my future career.

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