Flies in the ointment

As I sit this morning in my chair, sipping a cup of royal milk tea from Asia and eating cardamom rusks from Sweden, I think on and read about what’s going on in the world around me. I wonder what the day ahead has in store other than grading a ton of short papers for my course (yuck). And I am thankful for the opportunity to enjoy international flavors in food and drink.

The weather lately has been pretty darn near perfect. The hours of available sunlight are waning but the trade off in lower temperatures and humidity, as well as freedom from most mosquitoes and other annoying insects, is worth it. The windows are open through the night and the cool air is soothing.

Of course, there are flies in the ointment, such as debilitatingly frequent migraines. I wish I could isolate their cause once and for all. I just need to keep trying various things to reduce their frequency and severity. (By the way that phrase, fly in the ointment, has always been an unusual one, and I’m sure it has interesting origins.) Friday night I had to take one of our children to the emergency room with second degree burns after they had accidentally spilled hot water on their leg while at work. Fortunately, I think the leg will heal ok.

In closing, I hope you’ll gain some amusement, as I did, by looking at the following oddly named whiskey bottles spotted in a nearby antique store. Who knew these brands even existed?!

Oddly named whiskey bottles

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