The golden hour

The featured photo for this post shows the view from my living room window yesterday evening as the sun was setting during the golden hour. The light was beautifully warm, definitely golden, with a special quality. To me, it was a small bit of encouragement, somehow.

Bits of encouragement are needed every day. Heaven knows there is a lot to be discouraged about. Plenty of that to go around.

I recently found out I do not have COVID-19, which I expected, but it is encouraging to know that for sure, especially because that means more importantly that my wife and children almost certainly don’t have it, either.

I was able to go somewhere in the car for the first time in a while, by myself. That felt good. (Hey, it’s the small things.)

I’ve caught up on work email and some long-standing problem-solving, which is also encouraging.

What else? Our income tax refund should be on its way soon after I endured an hour on hold with the IRS.

Finally, an encouraging thought I had overnight is that in this life, we have many battles, but we must remember that the war is already won. Jesus ensured victory. Our sins were nailed to the cross and are gone evermore, as the wonderful hymn says.

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